Video drilling machine SUNY-ZVT200

  1. Product usage: semi-automatic drilling of PCB;
  2. Driving mode: DC motor directly drive drill chuck;
  3. Motor type: high-speed DC motor;
  4. Adaptive drill: 0.4mm~3.0mm  Drilling handle: 3.175mm;
  5. Maximum thickness of drilling: 3.5mm;
  6. Video magnification multiple: 5 times;
  7. Display: 7 inches black and white monitor;
  8. Drilling counterpoint method: manual cross cursor video positioning, drill motors automatically promoting;
  9. Spindle motor revolve speed: 20000 revolves/min;
  10. Lifting motor revolve speed: 60revolves/min;
  11. Working area: unlimited board length, board width <180mm;
  12. Overall volume: length 410mm×width 300mm×height 200mm;
  13. Working voltage: AC200V-250V/50Hz;
  14. Working power: 100W;
  15. Net weight: 5KG.


Video drilling machine SUNY-ZVT200
Product Code: SUNY-ZVT200

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