Film laminator SUNY-ZFM400



  1. Usage: transfer photoreceptive film to the copper-clad board through heating;
  2. ★Control system: PLC + PID control;
  3. ★Film covering mode: special up and down automatic film-collecting device, which can realize double-face automatic board-entering, automatic film-collecting and automatic film-laminating;
  4. Effective film-laminating width: 500mm;
  5. Film-laminating speed: 1000~4000mm/min adjustable;
  6. Thermal film-laminating temperature: room temperature~200°adjustable;
  7. Heating mode: inner-heating silicon roller;
  8. Heating power: 4KW;
  9. Overall dimension: 1200mm×750mm×1180mm;
  10. Weight: 360Kg.

Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Printed circuit boards) with our machines:

The PCB boards produced by our machines:





Film laminator SUNY-ZFM400
Product Code: SUNY-ZFM400

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