PCB laminating machine SUNY-ZPM6200



Product features:

  • Laminating process fast and simple;
  • Rigid and flexible material can do;
  • Preset a variety of stitching program and set stitching program freely;
  • Small volume, light weight, suitable for laboratory use;
  • Produce 8 planes of printed circuit board at most, copper clad laminated plate, copper foil resin fiber board and bakelite laminated plate;
  • Connected to computer USB interface, intuitively display temperature, pressure and time curve.

Product parameters:

Maximum wiring size

285 mm x 205 mm

Maximum laminating area

305 mm x 229 mm

Maximum laminating pressure

300N/cm2(20 ton)

Highest temperature


PCB layer number

8 layers(related to materials and design)

Laminating time

About 90 min


530 mm x 480 mm x 600 mm



Power supply

220V / 50Hz / 2.1KW

Pressure unit size


700 mm x 150 mm x 180 mm

Substrate materials

FR4, other materials according to the demands



PCB laminating machine SUNY-ZPM6200
Product Code: SUNY-ZPM6200

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