Exposure machine SUNY-ZBG320



  1. Usage: exposure processing of line, resistant welding and character ink graph in PCB production process;
  2. Structural features: large area effective exposure area, supporting more PCB boards for exposure operation; imported vacuum pump, making PCB boards more close to the film; exposure machine with film contrapuntal light source, convenient for film aiming-hole operation;

3.          ★Control system: high-performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, man-machine interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen;

4.          ★A set of exposure machine control system on the bidding site, "tube recovery time, exposure time, life expectancy statistics, restoring factory settings" functions of the exposure machine must be shown in the control system of the bidding, and the future delivery equipment control system must be consistent with the control system on the bidding site;

5.          ★Function characteristics: "forced off" function to avoid long time invalid light tubes; "light time statistics" function to record total time to lighten and view the tube service life; "opening cover detection" function to avoid accident exposure and protect the security of the operating personnel ; software "enabling  control" function to avoid exposure lamp frequent light and prolong lamp using life;

  1. Effective exposure area: 900mm×680mm; 
  2. Exposure light:3KW imported special exposure lamp; 
  3. Effective wavelength:420-640nm;
  4. Vacuum pump: vacuum degree 99.5%,power 200W;
  5. Exposure time:10-600s can be set;
  6. Power supply:220V/AC 50Hz 3.2KW;
  7. Overall dimension: 1000mm×860mm×950mm;
  8. Weight:130Kg.

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Exposure machine SUNY-ZBG320
Product Code: SUNY-ZBG320

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