Double-sided full automatic exposure machine SUNY-ZBG520




  1. Usage: exposure processing of line, resistant welding and character ink graph in PCB production process;
  2. Structural features: with automatic vacuum adsorption device, exposure machine with film contrapuntal light source, convenient for film aiming-hole operation; layer board adopting advanced slide rail support, with higher precision;
  3. Effective exposure area: 850mm×650mm double-sided board;
  4. ★Exposure station: double exposure station, with vacuum absorption function, automatic cross in and out of the exposure station, realizing double exposure at the same time, and automatic exposure and film registration in two exposure stations synchronously;
  5. Safety device: separation of exposure and edition, exposure operation completely on the exposure machine, liquid crystal display exposure time and vacuum time, the parameters of the software can be set;
  6. Exposure time: 0-999s can be adjustable and set;
  7. ★Control system: high performance PLC + PID control, man-machine interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen;
  8. With vacuum absorption function, pressing the film and circuit board close together;
  9. Light source: adopting 10 KW advanced special exposure lamp, with peak wavelength 310-440 nm, ensuring there is enough exposure energy in the exposure time;
  10. Self-contained red projection version light, to ensure the version more accurate, and making the circuit board out of accident exposure;
  11. Cooling mode: compulsory air-cooled + water-cooled;
  12. Power supply: AC380V/50Hz 12KW;
  13. Overall dimension: 2000mm×1300 mm×1700mm;
  14. Weight: 800Kg.

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Double-sided full automatic exposure machine SUNY-ZBG520
Product Code: SUNY-ZBG520

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