Screen printing machine SUNY-ZSY200

  1. Usage: screen printing of line, resistant welding and character ink;
  2. Structure features: light and easy to carry, the baseboard has XY direction regulating function; self-contained up-down adjustment structure of screen frame fixed mount, easy for silk-screen printing operation;
  3. Printing mode: manual printing;
  4. ★Equipped with PCB special positioning fixture, convenient for locating and printing;
  5. Screen printing area: 420mm×350mm;
  6. Regulation accuracy: 0.1mm;
  7. Regulation range: ±10mm;
  8. Overall dimension: length 500mm×width 400mm×height 380mm;
  9. Weight: 10Kg.


Screen printing machine SUNY-ZSY200
Product Code: SUNY-ZSY200

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