Ink mixer SUNY-ZJB200

  1. Usage: automatic mixing for lines, resistance welding and characters ink;
  2. The equipment using stainless steel shell, beautiful and durable;
  3. Adjustable mixing direction and time;
  4. Digital key operation, LED digital display;
  5. Using intelligent MCU control, self-contained timing and  positive and negative rotation function;
  6. Equipped with two special stainless steel ink mixing knives to adapt 300 ml and 1 L oil cartridge;
  7. Oil ink cartridge tray with size adjustment function, supporting oil cartridge of different specifications;
  8. Overall dimension: 300mm×290mm×500mm;
  9. Weight: 6.8KG;


Ink mixer SUNY-ZJB200
Product Code: SUNY-ZJB200

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