Full automatic circuit board testing machine SUNY-ZICT5000



  1. Usage: testing whole board open, short circuit and other electrical properties of PCB;
  2. Fly needle number: 2 + 2 mobile probe;
  3. The test pressure: 5 g-30 g soft frame can be adjusted;
  4. Testing speed: 1200 points/min;
  5. Testing area: 620 mm x 510 mm double sided plate;
  6. Minimum welding plate size: 5mil;
  7. Minimum welding plate center distance: 5mil;
  8. Testing voltage: 25 V-250 V classification can be adjusted;
  9. Testing current: 30~200mA;
  10. Open circuit critical resistance: 3Ω~80Ω;
  11. Insulation resistance critical value: 5MΩ-30MΩ;
  12. Capacitance testing range: 0.1pF-100mF.

Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Printed circuit boards) with our machines:

The PCB boards produced by our machines:



Full automatic circuit board testing machine SUNY-ZICT5000
Product Code: SUNY-ZICT5000

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