PCB surface processor SUNY-ZPB400



  1. Purpose: surface cleaning to printed circuit board;
  2. Function characteristics: with constant temperature heating control of double temperature control protection, with automatic spray cleaning function to ensure the cleanliness of the copper surface, with open cover detection function to better protect the safety of operators;
  3. Structure features: roof transparent, convenient for operation and observation; with universal casters, convenient for carrying; with five process tanks, high automation of PCB cleaning operation; with double spray cleaning structure for PCB automatic cleaning;
  4. Cleaning process: chemical liquid spray surface treatment;
  5. Control system: high performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating systems, human-computer interface: large screen color liquid crystal display (LCD) + touch screen;
  6. Processing size:300mm×300mm double-sided board;
  7. Total power:4.2KW;
  8. Size:length 1100mm×width 640mm×height 910mm;
  9. Weight:110Kg.
PCB surface processor SUNY-ZPB400
Product Code: SUNY-ZPB400

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