Automatic tin-spray machine SUNY-ZPX500

  1. Usage: used for circuit board soldering dish and through hole surface tin-spray, helpful for circuit board through backflow furnace, welding-assisting of wave furnace, welding-assisting of manual welding and surface anti-oxidation;
  2. Tin-spray surface: 450 x 450 mm double sided board; (MAX);
  3. Process: oil removing, micro erosion, hot air leveling, tin-spray;
  4. Tin plate thickness: 0.8mm-3.5mm;
  5. Plate thickness: 0.5-3.2mm;
  6. Tin lead heating and air warming: 230°C-260°C;
  7. Tin addition amount: 100kg;
  8. Tin-spray air consumption: 1.9m3/min-3m3/min;
  9. Input power: AC380V/50Hz/40KW;
  10. Tin-spray air-knife pressure: 0.8kg/cm2-3kg/cm2;
  11. Air-knife temperature: 350-400°C;
  12. Overall dimension: 1600mm×1200mm×2550mm;
  13. Net weight: 500KG.


Automatic tin-spray machine SUNY-ZPX500
Product Code: SUNY-ZPX500

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