OSP anti-oxidation machine SUNY-ZYH300



  1. Purpose: OSP processing to surface welding plate of the circuit board, in order to achieve anti-oxidation and welding-assisting;
  2. The process: SMT lead-free forming film technology;
  3. Configuration: including oil removing, micro erosion, forming film and water washing four process tanks;
  4. Process dimension: 320mm×200mm double-sided board;
  5. Control system: high-performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, human-computer interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen; In touch screen you can read electronic edition OSP process manual; In touch screen you can play the circuit board design sketch after OSP process;
  6. Oil removing tank: equipped with anticorrosive isolation circulating pump, making the liquid do convection work, in order to achieve the best oil removing effect;
  7. The erosion tank: equipped with liquid convection device in order to achieve the best effect of erosion;
  8. Optional configuration: Ethernet interface, realizing remote diagnosis, monitoring, booking open and close the machine and etc. through the wireless or local area network and the Internet, seamless connection with network management system and software, mating PCB network management software, providing long-term free upgrades service;
  9. Input power: AC220V/50Hz;
  10. Entire machine power: 2500W;
  11. Overall volume: length 800mm×width 650mm×height 520mm;
  12. Net weight: 40KG.

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OSP anti-oxidation machine SUNY-ZYH300
Product Code: SUNY-ZYH300

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