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PCB fast producing

Automatic CNC drilling and milling  machine SUNY-ZZC400
  Specifications: Usage: automatic drilling and milling functions of circuit boa..
Double-sided automatic exposure machine SUNY-ZBG500
  Specification: Usage: exposure processing of line, resistant welding and chara..
Spray micro erosion machine SUNY-ZWS400
  Specification: Usage: realizing micro erosion process of the circuit board pro..
Full automatic pick and place machine maximum PCB board size 1200*350mm 10 head
Functions 1.Optical image recognition, adjusting the components on the flying process, identi..
Copper plating machine SUNY-ZDT500
  Specification: Usage: double-sided copper plated of the double-sided circuit b..
Spray stripping machine SUNY-ZTM400
Specification: Usage: realizing stripping process of the circuit board processing through..
Spray screen cleaner SUNY-ZXW300
Specification: Usage: automatic cleaning of screen frame; Function characteristics:..
Laser light printing machine SUNY-ZGH500
Specification: Usage: light printing output of laser light paint film; Light prin..
Circuit board dryer SUNY-ZHG200
Specification: Usage: drying and curing of line, resistant welding and character ink; ..
Fast environmental protection laminator SUNY-ZHB300
Specification: Usage: to achieve rapid PCB productions such as photographic plate imaging..
Through-hole machine SUNY-ZGK300
Specification: Usage: double-sided perforative aperture copper sinking and copper plating..
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