Etching machine SUNY-ZFS200



  1. Usage: realizing etching process of the circuit board processing through liquid convection circulation by pressure blowing;
  2. Maximum working size: 200mm×300mm double-sided board;
  3. Process mode: hanging air-blow soaking film etching;
  4. Dosage of etching liquid: 2L~3L;
  5. Body material: etching and high temperature resistance transparent PVC material, easy for observing the whole process;
  6. Heating tube: titanium heating tube, built-in thermostat, automatic constant temperature;
  7. Process time: 2min;
  8. Power supply: AC220V/300W;
  9. Overall dimension: 290mm×150mm×440mm
  10. Weight: 4kg.

Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Printed circuit boards) with our machines:

The PCB boards produced by our machines:




Etching machine SUNY-ZFS200
Product Code: SUNY-ZFS200

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