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Wave soldering equipment

Bilateral automatic plugin line
Total width of the line is about 0.7 meters, the length of each station is 0.8 meters, unilat..
Small Dual Wave Soldering Machine
  Specifications SUNY-THT250W ..
Ultrasonic cleaning machine SUNY-TQX300
Usage: used for cleaning PCBA board after welding; Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz; B..
Capacitance Shear SUNY-TDR200
Application: suitable for bulk and tube capacitance shear pin; Adopting plane vibration..
Professional anti-static trolley
Entire alloy material framework; Four mobile caster wheels; Cart size: about 400m..
Manual leaching welding machine SUNY-TQH200
Purpose: small batch plugin PCB semi-automatic welding; Control mode: temperature relay..
Manual leaching welding machine SUNY-TQH400
Specification: 1. Purpose: small batch plugin PCB semi-automati..
Wave soldering input connected machine SUNY-TRB300
Purpose: preceding introduction of PCB into wave soldering; Into plate width: Max300mm ..
Automatic Capacitance Shear  SUNY-TDR300
Main machine equipped with automatic feeding vibration plate, shear pin part and vibration pl..
Anti-static wrist
Usage: bleeder wrist electrostatic device; Each operating and technical testing personnel with a ..
Manual lead-free leaching welding machine SUNY-TQH300
Purpose: small batch plugin PCB semi-automatic welding; Control mode: temperature relay..
Leaded tin welding machine
  Specification: 1.The lead-free tin welding machine use high-power energy-saving in..
Wave soldering output connected machine SUNY-TCB300
Purpose: post derivation of PCB into wave soldering; Base plate size: Max350mm (width c..
Chip plastic machine SUNY-TXP200
Suitable for pin plastic before DIP packaged integrated circuit; Effective chip width: ..
Antistatic PCB revolving cart
Material: antistatic PP/stainless steel/industrial wheel System resistance: 106—109; ..
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