Full automatic pick and place machine maximum PCB board size 400*300mm 2 head


1. Cost-effective Two head pick and place machine,the main coordinates x, y-axis,using high-precision and high speed servo motor to achieve precision screw, improve placement accuracy and balance board transmission speed, the most suitable for large quantities of  resistance and capacitance components and SOP, SOIC, QFP and other mixed production.
2.Unique screw drive structure, so that the driving force of the movement and direction of travel coincide, reducing resistance, make the working more stable and accurate.
3.Mounting head transmission use the Panasonic servo motor with high-precision guide rail to take the pick and place more stable, fast.
4.Configuring a proprietary structure mounting heads 2 groups, the structure is smart, the weight of  mounting heads less than 500g, operate more quickly.
5.Automatic feeding rail system, by connecting with automatic solder paste printing, reflow oven, formed a perfect automatic production line.
6.Equipped with different feeders can used for the different kind of the elements.
7.Open feeder setting way to make the intelligent optimization method based on artificial optimization to improve production efficiency.
8.Provide default feeder pick coordinate functions, accelerate the speed of manual programming.
9.Special cooling equipment design allows continuous operation, the unique electrical system design, easy maintenance and system maintenance.
10.With the industrial computer and special software control, easy to operate and practical.
11.The software is simple to operate, easy to learn and user-friendly in English.
12.Automatic visual programming software online, without having to manually input the coordinates of components, programming is simple, easy for beginners convenient and practical, high-volume production of many varieties of demands. Simple setup, you can achieve PCB jointed board programming and placement.
13.PCB import for easy, fast and reduce programming time.
14.Simple software component database operations, and provides a variety of common random package type library.
15.According to the situation element choose to whether to open an image correction function, improve placement accuracy of both placement rate.
16.Mount order internal implementation of the software automatically optimize, give full play to the four head performance
17.Self-designed hardware and software protection devices make a loss rate of less mishandling.
18.The software interface open operation and set so that the different requirements of customers are met.
19.You can display all the joined board coordinate points in the software, which coordinates and fine-tuning to achieve high-precision placement.
20.You can set the pitch for each joined board in the software, and according to all discharge spacing display coordinates, you can choose which joined board no need to mounting.
21.Each shaft having a shift speed function, you can set the optimal speed based on the distance, improve stability and extend the life of the machine.
22.With a lack of material monitoring and manual placement function, to meet different production requirements.
23.The standard industry definition cameras and the bottom mirror system, special optical processing, make the key element placement more accurate.
24.Completely independent research nozzle automatic change system, which can replace the 16 different types of nozzles to meet the requirements of different types of mounting components.


1   Maximum PCB size                     400*300mm
2   Z axis maximum moving range           40mm
3   Maximum pick and place speed          6000 cph
4   Average pick and place speed            4000 cph
5   Min moving distance                   0.004mm
6   Positioning precision                   0.05mm
7   Pick and place head                    2
8   Feeder number                       60(8mm)
9   Range of application                 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206(3014), 1210(3528), 5050, SOT,SOIC, QFP, QFN (45mm*45mm)                                     
10   Moving drive system                 High speed DSP digital high pressure drive
11   Component angle                   0-360┬░any angle, auto synchronous turning when moving
12   Belted feeder                       8, 12, 16, 24mm
13   X/Y moving mode                  New straight line interpolation linkage
14   Vacuum source                    Vacuum generator, vacuum pump optional   
15   Operation system                  PC control Windows xp,
16   Programming mode                Industrial computer vision programming, PCB file coordinate guide-in
17   Nozzle automatic change system     Standard with 16pcs nozzles
18  Rail transmission system             Standard,realize the PCB automatic feed in and out.
19  IC tray                             Standard
20   Power supply                      220V, 50HZ
21   Power rate                        2000W
22   Overall dimension                  1050*1000*1450mm
23   Weight                            500KG
24   Vision programming camera         High-pixel color USB CCD area-array camera
25  The bottom mirror light source system  1 Groups
26  Compressed air requirements         Pressure larger than 80psi (0.65-0.75 MPa) flow is larger than 250L / min

Full automatic pick and place machine maximum PCB board size 400*300mm 2 head
Full automatic pick and place machine maximum PCB board size 400*300mm 2 head
Product Code: SUNY-ITP6060

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