Copper plating machine SUNY-ZDT300



  1. Usage: double-sided copper plated of the double-sided circuit board and nonmetal materials;
  2. Processing dimension: 250mm×300mm double-sided board;
  3. ★Control system: high-performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, human-computer interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen; In touch screen you can read electronic edition copper plating process manual; In touch screen you can play the circuit board design sketch after copper plating process;
  4. Function characteristics: air-blowing and precoated of copper plating, electroplating short circuit and no plating open circuit testing;
  5. Air pump parameters: gas flow: 20L/min;
  6. ★Electroplating power: all control positive and opposite direction pulse electroplating power supply, the current range: 0 ~ 30 A, adjustable 0.1 A step value, voltage: the highest DC6V;
  7. Structure features: adopting transparent cover, convenient for observation;
  8. Input power: AC220V/50Hz;
  9. Entire machine power: 250W (maximum);
  10. ★Optional configuration: Ethernet interface, realizing remote diagnosis, monitoring, booking open and close the machine and etc. through the wireless or local area network and the Internet, seamless connection with network management system and software, mating PCB network management software, providing long-term free upgrades service;
  11. Overall volume: 630mm×430mm×580mm;
  12. Weight: 20Kg.

Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Printed circuit boards) with our machines:

The PCB boards produced by our machines:




Copper plating machine SUNY-ZDT300
Product Code: SUNY-ZDT300

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