Circuit board dryer SUNY-ZHG200



  1. Usage: drying and curing of line, resistant welding and character ink;
  2. Structure characteristics: automatic cycle wind heating, making the temperature more uniform; with heat insulation shell, warming is more rapid;
  3. Function characteristics: automatic constant temperature function;
  4. Temperature adjustment range: room temperature~250°C adjustable;
  5. Temperature resolution: 1°C;
  6. Temperature fluctuation degree: ±1°C;
  7. Time setting: 0~999min adjustable;
  8. Drying room volume: length 300mm×width 300mm×height 300mm;
  9. Heating power: 500W;
  10. Equipped with stainless steel special board frame, with seven fixed PCB slots, baking 7 pieces of PCB at the same time;
  11. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz;
  12. Entire machine power: 550W;
  13. Overall dimension: length 600mm×width 450mm×height 520mm;
  14. Weight: 30Kg.

Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Printed circuit boards) with our machines:

The PCB boards produced by our machines:





Circuit board dryer SUNY-ZHG200
Product Code: SUNY-ZHG200

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