Desktop reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT100

  1. Technology type: hot wind reflow heating, supporting lead and lead-free welding process;
  2. ★Welding area of temperature zone: 320mm×300mm;
  3. Welding warehouse door in and out: manual in and out mode;
  4. Preset welding parameters: 8 groups;
  5. Interface: Chinese electronic menu, big screen backlighting LCD graphics display;
  6. ★With glass observation window to view the whole SMT welding process;
  7. With seven convection fans, maximum warming stepping speed: ≤2°C/s;
  8. Working voltage: AC170V~264V;power: about 1.8KW;
  9. Process cycle: ≤8min;
  10. Weight: 13Kg;
  11. Overall dimension: 440mm×220mm×370mm.


Desktop reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT100
Product Code: SUNY-SMT100

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