Full automatic lead-free reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT500

  1. Heating area number: up five/down five;
  2. Completing precision welding of QFP, CSP, Chip and BGA such devices;
  3. Heating area length: 1600mm;
  4. Control mode: PID intelligent control;
  5. Heating mode: independent minor cycle all hot air;
  6. Cooling zone number: forced air cooling;
  7. PCB width: net belt type 300mm;
  8. Transport direction: L-R,L-R;
  9. Transmit height: net belt 880±20mm;
  10. Power supply : AC 3phase 380V 50Hz;
  11. Start power: 15KW;
  12. Normal work power consumption: approx.4KW;
  13. Warming time: 15min;
  14. Temperature control scope: room temperature -400°C;
  15. Control mode: PID + SSR driver (or PLC + computer control);
  16. Temperature control precision: ± 1°C; PCB temperature distribution deviation: ±2°C;
  17. ★Configured with SMT soldering control software with a national computer software copyright registration certificate and other completely independent intellectual property rights, which can avoid the third party intellectual property dispute and legal proceedings, at the same time provide long-term free upgrades service;
  18. Weight: about 350kg;
  19. Overall dimension: about L3000×W650×H 1280mm.


Full automatic lead-free reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT500
Product Code: SUNY-SMT500

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