Automatic Optical Inspector


1. Features

1. Flexibly dealing with multi-production line to achieve high usage efficiency.

2. Automatic clamping device which is able to save operation time and less damage, as well as various jigs can be used.

(Option: special made fingers with plastic sleeves which can avoid the damage for the pad of PCB)

2. The Basic Features of SUNY AOI

1. High precision of 3CCD digital & high speed color camera.

2. Compatible with 01005(Inch) component vision inspection stably.

3. Automatically recognizing and processing the marks on single or panel PCBA.

4. "The Eigenvector Analysis" is fit with IPC standard perfectly, to follow the attitude of "SUNY AOI always reliabilities".

5. Total digital processing technology with modular design to get more flexible.

6. The precise class of whole casting to ensure steady running and long life.

7. Strong SPC software function to analysis the quality in real time.

8. OCV silkscreen algorithm will make recognition on silkscreen more accurately.

9. Creative recognition software only AOI camera is able to recognize the barcode or 2-dimensional barcode and record inspection image and defective position of each PCB, which meet the request for traceability of products.

10. Automatic programming functions with flexible components database to make programming easily.

11. Real off line programming, only to adjust 2 - 3 pcs of PCBA and don't need to learn so that it can save operation time.

12. Higher NG diagnosed rate with lower misjudge rate.

13. Suitable for solder paste/adhesive process (Suitable for Reflow and Wave soldering machine).

14. Internet remote management function to monitor whole process.

3. Specifications




300 Series (Off-Line)

PCB Spec.

PCB Size




XT=Extra=Customized size optional

PCB Thickness


PCB Component Clearance

Top:28mm; Bottom:40mm

PCB bent

Less than 3mm is acceptable

Optics Parameter




FOV 1 Level=18.5*13.9mm; 2 Level=25.5*19.1mm

(4:3) 3 Level=29.5*22.1mm; 4 Level=32.0*24.0mm

5 Level=36.8*27.6mm



Camera Spec

Digital HD Camera,1.3 Mega Pixel(STD),2.0 Mega Pixel(Option)

Optical Lens

Telecentric Optical Lens


RGB LED Lighting

Inspection Category

Component Inspection

Component missed, turned, deviated, polarity, wrong, legs bended ,pcb abnormal, golden-finger soldered, glue overflow

Solder Inspection

Solder excess or less, component standed, solder shorted, false solder, pin warped, solder balls, solder abnormal

Smallest Components Inspect

≤23um : 0201(Inch); 0.4mm IC Pitch

≤20um : 01005(Inch); 0.3mm IC Pitch According to the machine model(please refer to model spec)

Hardware Configuration

X, Y table positioning accuracy

positioning accuracy 23um/300mm,repeat positioning accuracy0.002/300mm

Speeding of X, Y table

900mm/s average speed

PCB clamping

Auto-clamp structure, customized designed for option is available

Main skeleton

Whole cast iron modelling


High accuracy screw shaft

Operational safety

Photo-sensor curtain, sensor pitch<20mm,Respondent<20ms.(Only for offline)

Hardware Configuration


AC servo motor


Industrial Computer,Four-Core2.5G CPU,2G Ram


22" LCD s


1KVA, 15 minutes power maintain the conveyor run out all PCB after shutoff

Power supply

90-240AV 50/60Hz

Dimension & weight(W*H*L)

704*1185*950(S); about 452kg

824*1185*1110(S); about 512kg

924*1185*1430(S); about 633kg

Software System

Inspection Method

The Eigenvector Analysis & OCV Silkscreen Algorithm

Inspection Angle area

0~360°, Accuracy =1°

Marking Function

One board marking & multi-pieces board marking & bad marking ... etc.

Programme Mode

1.CAD coordinate loading;

2.Component database auto-index;

3.Auto-programming by Intelligent Software

Realized Remoted Programming (Option)

Network monitoring: offline debugging, online monitoring & manipulating, remoted realized examining.

Data Recording

Auto-generated Statistical Process Controlling data(SPC) & reports

Intelligent Inspection & Identification

PCB both sides Auto-Alternative Inspection Program to easy obtained the data by once.(Only for offline)

Quality Tracing (Option)

Recorded each inspected PCBs for tracing the quality data and comparison.


Automatic Optical Inspector
Product Code: SUNY-AOI300

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