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Wave soldering equipment

Wave soldering input connected machine SUNY-TRB300
Purpose: preceding introduction of PCB into wave soldering; Into plate width: Max300mm ..
Automatic Capacitance Shear  SUNY-TDR300
Main machine equipped with automatic feeding vibration plate, shear pin part and vibration pl..
Anti-static wrist
Usage: bleeder wrist electrostatic device; Each operating and technical testing personnel with a ..
Manual lead-free leaching welding machine SUNY-TQH300
Purpose: small batch plugin PCB semi-automatic welding; Control mode: temperature relay..
Wave soldering output connected machine SUNY-TCB300
Purpose: post derivation of PCB into wave soldering; Base plate size: Max350mm (width c..
Chip plastic machine SUNY-TXP200
Suitable for pin plastic before DIP packaged integrated circuit; Effective chip width: ..
Antistatic PCB revolving cart
Material: antistatic PP/stainless steel/industrial wheel System resistance: 106—109; ..
Small automatic wave welding machine SUNY-THT200
Wave number: single wave; Solder tank capacity: about 80 kg; PCB size: Max.270m..
Showing electronic circuit design, production base knowledge; Showing good works designed and..
Automatic chip plastic machine SUNY-TXP300
Suitable for pin plastic before DIP packaged integrated circuit; Effective chip width: ..
Anti-static revolving box
1.  Material: antistatic plastic; 2.  Inner dimension: about 360mm×270mm×135mm; ..
Full automatic wave welding machine SUNY-THT300
Wave number: dual wave; PCB width: Max.200mm; PCB transport height: 750±20mm; ..
SMT teaching demonstration figure
Containing the main equipment basic operation method of SMT; Containing SMT basic proce..
Automatic jumper shaping machine SUNY-TTX300
Mainly used for batch processing various specifications of jumper; Jump line span: 10-3..
Training table
The desktop is of fire prevention high density board, wear resistance and cutting resistance;..
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