BGA precision rework station SUNY-SBG200

  1. The machine uses high quality infrared heating device, strong penetration, the device is heated evenly;
  2. No need for dismantling welding fixture, you can desolder various components of 35-50 mm;
  3. Equipped with 800 W preheating sol system, preheating zone area 240 mm x 180 mm;
  4. Tearing open welding or reworking BGA, SMD, CSP, LGA, QFP, PLCC and BGA plant ball, at the same time, reworking all kinds of extension socket belts and needle type socket (such as CPU socket and GAP socket);
  5. Fully meet the BGA desoldering/rework requirements of computer, laptop, electricity wander and other main board;
  6. Working table size: 360mm×240mm;
  7. Power supply: AC220V/1000W;
  8. Infrared lamp temperature: 200°C-350°C adjustable;
  9. Preheating zone temperature: 60°C-200°C adjustable;
  10. Overall dimension: 330mm×325mm×360mm;
  11. Weigh: 9.5kg.


BGA precision rework station SUNY-SBG200
Product Code: SUNY-SBG200

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