BGA precision rework station SUNY-SBG800

  1. PLC control, man-machine interface: big screen color LCD screen + touch screen;
  2. Three sections of temperature zone heated independently, the first and second zone can be set 8 sections temperature risen + 8 sections temperature constant control at the same time, a total of 10 groups of temperature curve storage; The third temperature zone uses far infrared heating board for preheating, with independent temperature control, ensuring the PCB to an overall preheating during the welding process and preventing deformation;
  3. The equipment with many sizes of hot air nozzle, or having it made to order according to the special requirements; Hot air nozzle can be under arbitrary rotation 360 degrees, easy to be replaced;
  4. Equipped with adjustable high temperature resistant PCB stents, positioning frame with preventing scalding protection design;
  5. Handheld vacuum pen, sucking BGA, easy for operation, reliable and durable;
  6. The equipment with random hook like heterosexual clip, suitable for motherboard maintenance of different shapes of laptops;
  7. ★Heating head and paste mounted head integration design, with automatic contrapuntal, automatic mounted and automatic welding function;
  8. With computer communication function, built-in PC serial ports, external temperature measurement interface, realizing computer control;
  9. ★Equipped with high definition video contrapuntal system, with spectral amplifier and fine tuning function, with CCD optical contrapuntal function, ensuring accurate BGA device mounted and accurate welding;
  10. Localization mode: V matrix slot PCB positioning, the maximum suitable PCB size 430×400mm;
  11. Chip video magnification: 10-100 times;
  12. Equipped with keeping heat button, more convenient for heating operation control, there is voice alarm function for BGA removing and after the welding;
  13. The upper heating 800 W, lower 800 W, bottom infrared preheated 3000 W;
  14. Power supply: AC220V/5400W;
  15. Overall dimension: 700mm×650mm×800mm;
  16. Weight: 110kg.


BGA precision rework station SUNY-SBG800
Product Code: SUNY-SBG800

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