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Pick and place machine

Pick and place machine for LED mounting SUNY-ITP012
1   Maximum pcb size:           &nb..
★Pasted head number: 6; ★Mounted speed: 13,000 CPH(IPC9850); Mounted precisio..
Pick and place machine SUNY-ITP002
1   Maximum pcb size            ..
Manual Chip Mounter SUNY-STP100
With double station suck pen of anti-static function, internal with air source, adjustable su..
Pick and Place machine SUNY-ITP2050
Features: 1. Cost-effective Two head pick and place machine, the most suitable for large..
Manual paster station SUNY-STP200
With built-in vacuum pump device, without external air supply; Effective mounted area: ..
Pick and Place machine SUNY-ITP6060
Features: 1. Cost-effective Two head pick and place machine,the main coordinates x, y-axis..
Centering mode: flight vision + fixed vision; ★The number of shafts: 6shafts×1rack,p..
Precision paster station SUNY-STP300
★CCD color camera, 12 inches LCD screen, magnifying the image 200 times; With built-i..
LED Pick and Place machine AS-602
Technical Parameter   ..
Centering mode: flight vision; The number of shafts: 8 shafts×2 racks,pick and place h..
Semi-auto paster station SUNY-STP400
Can paste a variety of SMD devices: flake resistance, flake capacitance, flake diode, flake t..
LED Pick and Place machine AS-619
No Spec   ..
Centering mode: flight vision; ★The number of shafts: 6shafts×2racks,pick and place ..
SMT pick and place machine SUNY-ITP001
1   Maximum pcb size            ..
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