1. Centering mode: flight vision + fixed vision;
  2. ★The number of shafts: 6shafts×1rack,pick and place head: 6;
  3. ★Mounted speed: flight vision (Chip1608) 21,000 CPH(IPC9850); (SOP)15,000CPH(IPC9850)(QFP)5, 500CPH(IPC9850);
  4. Mounted precision: Chip: ±50um@3ó/Chip (using standard component samples);
  5. ★Component range: flight vision: 0603~□22mm IC (option 0402~□14mm IC), standard fixed vision (FOV35): □32mm IC, □55mm(MFOV), fixed vision option (FOV45): □42mm, □55mm (MFOV), Maximum height: H=12mm(standard flight camera), H=15mm(standard fixed camera);
  6. Plate size: 460mm(L)×400mm(W),option 510mm(L)×460mm(W)or 610mm(L)×510mm(W);
  7. PCB thickness: 0.38~4.2mm;
  8. Feeder number: 120ea;
  9. Power consumption: MAX.4.7KVA;
  10. Gas consumption: 0.5-0.7MPa,260L/min;
  11. Overall dimension: 1650mm×1690mm×1485mm;
  12. Weight: about 1680kg.


Product Code: SM421/SM421S

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