BS391V1/ BS391V2

  1. Pick and place head number: 1/2;
  2. The fastest speed (the most suitable conditions): 4000 CPH/6400CPH;
  3. PCB size: maximum 650mm×350mm,1 IC plate650mm×330mm,2 IC plates 455mm×330mm;
  4. Feeder number: 128;
  5. IC plate number: most 4;
  6. Component size: 0.6mm×0.3mm~16mm×14mm, BV38: 38mm×38mm(option), BV50: 50mm×50mm (option);
  7. Mounted precision: ±0.03mm;
  8. Power consumption: 1300W;
  9. Gas consumption: 0.5-0.7MPa,400L/min;
  10. Overall dimension: 1080mm×1050mm×1350mm;
  11. Weight: 550kg (small batch proofing, equipped with one 2 kw mute compressor).


BS391V1/ BS391V2
Product Code: BS391V1/ BS391V2

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