Manual paster station SUNY-STP200

  1. With built-in vacuum pump device, without external air supply;
  2. Effective mounted area: 280mm×280mm;
  3. ★X direction adjusting range 45 mm, Y direction adjusting range 65 mm, Z direction adjusting range 90 mm;
  4. ★XYZ each with an independent regulation base, XY base parallel overlap installed;
  5. System equipped with magnifying glass, the magnifying glass can achieve 360 ° rotation;
  6. Station regulation accuracy: ±0.1mm;
  7. Suck pen level rotation angle: 360°;
  8. Suitable for precision mounted various specifications of IC, such as SO, QFP, PLCC and so on.


Manual paster station SUNY-STP200
Product Code: SUNY-STP200

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