Precision paster station SUNY-STP300

  1. ★CCD color camera, 12 inches LCD screen, magnifying the image 200 times;
  2. With built-in vacuum pump device, without external air supply;
  3. Effective maximum size of placed PCB: 380×300mm2;
  4. ★X direction adjusting range 45 mm, Y direction adjusting range 65 mm, Z direction adjusting range 90 mm;
  5. ★XYZ each with an independent regulation base, XY base parallel overlap installed;
  6. ★Working head rotated freely, rotation angle: 270°;
  7. The suction nozzle can move up and down 12mm;
  8. Regulation accuracy: ±0.2mm;
  9. Pasted device: SOT,SOIC,QFP,PLCC,GBA,0805,0603,0402 and so on;
  10. Power supply: AC220V/300W;
  11. Weight: 15KG.


Precision paster station SUNY-STP300
Product Code: SUNY-STP300

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