Semi-auto paster station SUNY-STP400

  1. Can paste a variety of SMD devices: flake resistance, flake capacitance, flake diode, flake transistor, QFB, PLCC, BGA and so on;
  2. ★System equipped with belt type feeder and bulk material box, it can paste a variety of SMD devices;
  3. The suction nozzle can be free to move around, convenient for picking and placing SMD devices;
  4. The working head can be moved to X, Y direction; X direction moving distance: 400 mm, Y direction moving distance: 250 mm;
  5. Suction nozzle of the working head can be moved up and down and turned to drain or release the device. Up and down moving distance of the suction nozzle : 10 mm, rotation angle 360 °;
  6. Working head can be rotated in order to adjust SMD devices;
  7. Placed PCB area: 370×300mm;
  8. The system can be optionally equipped with CCD camera and LCD video registration system for mounted high precision SMD device, and can be used for amplification inspection of PCB after welding.


Semi-auto paster station SUNY-STP400
Product Code: SUNY-STP400

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