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Gas source equipment

Piston compressor
1460 r/min, exhaust pressure 0.8 MPa, domestic big brand machine ..
Mute screw air compressor
Exhaust amount/exhaust pressure (1.7/0.7, 1.6/0.8, 1.4/1.0, 1.2/1.3); Power 11 kw; Noise 68 + 2 D..
Air storage tank
0.6M3(cubic meters) ..
Air precision filter
At least 2, three if the fund is sufficient Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Pri..
Freezing dryer
The inlet pressure: 0.4 M-1.0 MPa optional; motor 10 HP (Horse Power); domestic big brand machine..
8mm (2mm material distance) feeder, generally with English 0402(1*0.5mm)CHIP ..
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