Plane type manual paster assembly line

  1. Total width of the line is about 1.6 meters, the length of each station is 1.1 meters, unilateral 10 stations, bilateral 20 stations, the total length of a single line is 11 meters;
  2. Total height of the line is about 1.9 meters, working face height of the line is about 750mm±20mm;
  3. Set instrument shelf about 400 mm above the line, about 400 mm wide;
  4. The table board is produced by  plastic fire prevention board (δ = 18 mm), laid δ = 1.8 mm green anti-static rubber, edged by special aluminum surrounded, beautiful and durable;
  5. Frame is produced by A30 × 40 mm state standard square tube, the top of assembly line equipped with fluorescent lamp light source and lamp-chimney;
  6. Each station configured: one 600 mm x 400 mm x 750 mm workbench, one components box, one A4 transparent process drawing board, one multi-function extension socket, a set of multi-channel waveform generator, tool box (optional) and steel round stool (optional);
  7. Appearance treatment: sheet metal parts, rack with electrostatic powder coating processing;
  8. ★Each station power (including lighting, instrument inserted board power supply and etc.) can be under centralized control by assembly line network control system, the teacher click on each station control button of the assembly line network management software, the corresponding station gets power supply, then the students can operate with power; The unpointed station cannot get power supply; The teacher machine software also can set all stations of every line centralized power supply. When the teacher machine centralized control malfunctions, each station can be provided with manual power supply through the key switch. The central control system can save electricity consumption, at the same time it is very suitable for the student appraisal of related operations;
  9. ★Configured with assembly line network management software, providing long-term free upgrades service.


Plane type manual paster assembly line
Product Code: Plane type manual paster assembly line

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