1.2M LED Strip Solder Paste Printer



1. With precision guide and Taiwan ZD frequency conversion motor to drive the scraper, ensure precision press.

2. Printing scraper can spin up and fix to 45 degrees, easy to clean and replace the printing screen and scraper.

3. Scraper can be a before and after adjustment, to choose the right printing position.

4. Combined printing bedplate fixed with grooves and PIN, installation is convenient adjustment, suitable for single and double panel of the printing.

5. Board-adjustment is made by moving the steel plate to suit the X.Y.Z, easy and fast to adjust.

6. Use XINJE PLC and human-computer interface control, simple, convenient and suitable for the man-machine dialogue. Delta converter controls the printing speed.

7. Can be set one-way and two-way, a variety of printing mode can take right Angle positioning and positioning pin both positioning choice.

8. Has the function of automatic counting, convenient production statistics.

9. Scraper Angle can be adjusted, steel scraper, rubber scraper are appropriate.

10. Man-machine interface with screen saver function, protect the man-machine interface using life.

11. Adopt unique program design, convenient adjustment for the printing scraper base.

12. Printer speed man-machine interface display, can be arbitrary digital adjust control.


Printing table size


Frame size


Board size

300×1200mm(The longest 1500 can be made to order)

Board thickness


Positioning system

four positioning needle and multi-purpose hole support

Adjusting for table

around four direction ± 10 mm fine-tuning

Printing accuracy

scraping the tin ±0.02mm

Repeating accuracy

vertical + /-0.01 mm

PCB min. distance


Air pressure


Power supply

220V,50/60Hz,100W, 1P




about 300kg


Check the video to see how to make the PCB(Printed circuit boards) with our machines:





1.2M LED Strip Solder Paste Printer
Product Code: SUNY-SZS002

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