Automatic lead-free reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT200

  1. Temperature area number: up 3/down 0;
  2. Completing precision welding of QFP, CSP, Chip and BGA such devices;
  3. Heating area length: about 1000mm;
  4. Control mode: PID intelligent control;
  5. Heating mode: full infrared heating;
  6. PCB width: net belt type 280 mm;
  7. Transport direction: L-R (left-right);
  8. Power supply : AC 3phase 380V 50Hz;
  9. Start power: 5KW;
  10. Normal work power consumption: Approx.2KW;
  11. Warming time: 15min;
  12. Temperature control scope: room temperature-300 °C;
  13. Control mode: PID + SSR driver;
  14. Temperature control precision: ±1°C;
  15. PCB temperature distribution deviation: ±2°C;
  16. Weight: about 50kg;
  17. Overall dimension: L1500mm×W612mm×H650mm.


Automatic lead-free reflow soldering machine SUNY-SMT200
Product Code: SUNY-SMT200

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