Hot air rework station AT850B

  1. Closed loop control for sensor, precise and stable temperature, safe for desoldering;
  2. Components sensitive to temperature like QFP, PLCC, SOP and BGA;
  3. Intelligent cooling system, delayed air sending after the shutdown of the machine, cutting off power supply automatically when wind temperature below 100 °C;
  4. Adopting original heater core: advanced 850 D heat wire (550 W) 220 V;
  5. Antistatic design, preventing PCB damaged by static and leakage;
  6. Air pump form: diaphragm type special pump;
  7. Display mode: mechanical mark;
  8. The handle length (including the handle line): 120cm
  9. Antistatic design, the wind mouth temperature 100 ~ 480 °C continuous constant temperature adjustment;
  10. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz;
  11. Thermal pump power: 45W;
  12. Noise: <40dB
  13. Gas flow: 23 L/min (maximum);
  14. Power consumption: 550W (Max);
  15. Overall dimension: 224×126×110 (L×W×H)mm
  16. Weight: 3.2Kg.


Hot air rework station AT850B
Product Code: AT850B

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