Automatic output connected machine SUNY-SCB500

  1. Application: suitable for connection between SMT and AI production line, also can be used for cushion, inspection, testing or electronic components manual plug-in mounting of PCB, and signal connected with other equipment.
  2. Convenient and accurate double screw adjusting track width, with anti-static work station;
  3. The main structure adopting Fang Tong production (aluminous profile optional);
  4. Rail adjustable width: 30-350 m (produced according to customers' requirements);
  5. Rail adjustable height: 900±20mm (produced according to customers' requirements);
  6. Rail length: 1000mm(produced according to customers' requirements);
  7. Transmission direction: left to right or right to left (optional);
  8. Power supply: AC220V/40W;
  9. Overall dimension: 1000×690×910±20mm;
  10. Weight: 42Kg.


Automatic output connected machine SUNY-SCB500
Product Code: SUNY-SCB500

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