Super Lead-Free Reflow Oven






Heating parameter

Heating zone

Up 8 / down 8

Up 10 / down 10

Heating zone length



Cooling zone quantity

2 cooling zones

Conveyor parameter

Max width of PCB

Mesh type 500mm + guide rail 420mm

or Mesh type 610mm + guide rail 550mm option

Conveyor direction

L→R ( R→L. option )

Conveyor rail fixed


Conveyor height

Chain 880±20mm

Conveyor type

Mesh + guide rail chain

Conveyor speed


Controlling parameter

Power supply

3 Phase 380V

Start-up power

power supply 64KW/ start 30KW

power supply 80KW/ start 36KW

Normal power



Heat-up time

About 20 Minutes

Control type

Lenovo computer + Mtsubishi PLC

Range of temp. control

Room Temperature-380℃

Temp. control

Mitsubishi PLC module

Temp. control accuracy

±2℃(PID Close Loop Control + SSR Driving)

PCB temp. deviation

± 2℃

Abnormal alarm

Over temperature difference (Alarm for over-low constant temperature)

Unit parameter








1. Hot air system

* With full-range microcirculation hot air system and pressurized type multi-point blast technology adopted, the equal temperature in the furnace is ensured, excellent synthetic conduction in each temperature zone is achieved, no heating empty area caused by refraction when the board surface is heated, no shade occurs and the horizontal temperature change of the pcb board is less than +2℃.

* Basically, heating efficiency is heightened. With fast and efficient heat compensation performance and the difference between the actual temperature and set temperature of the pcb in the soldering area less than 30℃, this system is extremely applicable for the perfect soldering between such components as bga, csp, qfp and so on and multi-layer circuit boards. no temperature interference occurs between adjacent temperature zones.

* Upper and lower independent heating modules, independent heat air circulation and double soldering areas or three soldering areas are set.

* Because each temperature zone adopts module design, it is very easy to maintain and repair the high-temperature long-shaft heat air motor and the high-efficient nicket-chromium heating thread.

2. Transportation system

* It is symmetrical double-guide-rail structure that cannot be distorted at high temperature and has small thermal inertia. With standard chain and net chain in phase equipped, you can choose double-guide-rail transportation system or the central supporting system.

* Four-rack coaxial width adjusting structure is adopted for width adjustment so as to ensure the balance of the guide rail and prevent the board from falling and blocking. This structure needs no cleaning and is easy to adjust. With this structure, width adjustment is smooth and can be achieved automatically or manually.

* Computer is employed to control the fuelling system, which can fuel the machine with adjustable amount according to the transportation speed and the status of the machine.

* The automatic width adjustment system adopts closed loop pid control. It can adjust to the desired width automatically according to the parameters input by the computer.

3. Cooling system and soldering flux collection system

* The compulsory cooling system adopts 2-section or 3-section compulsory air circulation cooling temperature zone so as to meet the requirements of lead-free production; the cooling curve smooth without sharp variation, heat change is complete and maximal cooling speed can reach -5℃/s.

* The air furnace is equipped with standard high-power air conditioner while the nitrogen furnace is equipped with standard high-power cold water machine so as to ensure the eutectic effect of the soldering point.

* The soldering flux collection system can keep the hearth clean for a long time and the exhaust more environment-protective.the gas separated by the nitrogen furnace can be recycled so as to save nitrogen.

* No filter core is designed, so it is very easy to clean.

4. Nitrogen system (option)

* It is a full-range fully-sealed nitrogen protection system that consumes small amount of nitrogen, at 15-20m3/h. the soldering area can have oxygen density less than 500ppm.

* There is an inner cycling cooling system set, which can ensure the cycle of nitrogen and decrease nitrogen consumption.

* Thanks to the panel type design for nitrogen flow control and oxygen analysis system, it is easy to view and adjust.

5. Control system

* The control system adopts Germany HARUTA plc and the upper computer adopts dell computer with official windows XP operation system and 15-inch LCD display; therefore, it is stable and reliable.

* The control software has powerful function, flexible technical parameter control and temperature curve test function; with the Chinese-English operation interface, it can be switched at any time.

* It adopts wogo connection terminal; all electric components are imported and all signal cables undergo screening treatment.

* The temperature module can regulate itself and cooling terminal can conduct compensation automatically; temperature is controlled with ±1℃;and the temperature control system of temperature module + temperature control meter can be chosen.

* Computer and touch screen dual screen control system is available; the two systems are independent and can be switched in real time (optional).


Super Lead-Free Reflow Oven
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