Reflow soldering machine SMT640


Product Parameters:

Windows user interface, free to switch both English and traditional and simplified Chinese online, 17-inch LCD monitor.


- Segmented heating function, temperature curve analysis, storage and invoking function


The number of heating zones: 12 heated module (up six and down six)


Heating zone length: 2200mm


Cooling zone mode: one segment natural air-cooled


The maximum width of the PCB: mesh belt 400mm


Transport direction: Left - Right


Transport height: 880 ± 20mm


Mode of transport: network drive


Transport speed: 0-2000mm / min


Power supply: three-phase five-wire (power off UPS protection)


Starting Power: 18KW


Normal power: 4KW


Heating time: 20min


Machine control mode: Japan Mitsubishi PLC + Lenovo computer


Temperature control range: 350 °C


Temperature control modes: PID / SSR


Temperature control accuracy: ±2 ℃


PCB temperature horizontal deviation: ±8 ℃


Abnormal alarm: the temperature tolerance alarm


Weight (KG): 800KG


Machine size: L3400 * W800 * H1400mm

Reflow soldering machine SMT640
Product Code: SUNY-SMT640

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