PCB Production line Solution E


PCB Production line Solution E





This solution include all the machine to produce the PCB bards. This solution is mainly for produce the 300*400mm PCB, This solution is suitable for the middle production.It is very good for the small factory.We also provide the completely liquids,materials and allthe other consumables.You can start to do the PCB boards once you get our machine and all consumables.



  • Maximum PCB size:300*400mm
  • Single side PCB capacity: 60 square meter/day
  • Double side PCB capacity: 16 square meter/day
  • Line width:6Mil
  • Line space:6Mil
  • Mini aperture:0.3mm



  • Our engineer can do the training in your cuntry.
  • You can also come to our factory to fo the training.


This production line include the following equipment:


No. Equipment name Model Unit Qty.
1 Cutting machine SUNY-ZCB400 pcs 1
2 CNC drilling machine SUNY-ZZC400 pcs 1
3 Circuit board buffing machine SUNY-ZPG400 pcs 1
4 Copper-sinking machine SUNY-ZCT400 pcs 1
5 Copper-plating machine SUNY-ZDT400 pcs 2
6 Screen printing machine SUNY-ZSY300 pcs 2
7 Circuit board dryer SUNY-ZHG400 pcs 2
8 Plotter SUNY-ZGH400 pcs 1
9 Exposure machine SUNY-ZBG320 pcs 1
10 Film laminator SUNY-ZFM300 pcs 1
11 Spray imaging machine SUNY-ZXY400 pcs 1
12 Spray etching machine SUNY-ZFS400 pcs 1
13 Spray stripping machine SUNY-ZTM400 pcs 1
14 Tin-sinking machine SUNY-ZCX400 pcs 1
15 Film contrapuntal desk SUNY-ZDW300 pcs 1
16 PVC tank SUNY-ZSC300 pcs 1
17 Laser printer P2055D pcs 1
18 Heat-transfer machine SUNY-ZRZ200 pcs 1
19 Spray screen cleaner SUNY-ZXW400 pcs 1
20 Teaching process wall chart   page 14
21 Plate making material   batch 1
22 Engineering cost   time 1
Check the video to see how to make PCB board with our machines:
The PCB boards produced by our machines:
PCB Production line Solution E
Product Code: PCB Production line Solution E

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