Bilateral automatic plugin line

  1. Total width of the line is about 0.7 meters, the length of each station is 0.8 meters, unilateral 10 stations, bilateral 20 stations, the total length of a single line is 8 meters;
  2. Total height of the line is about 1.9 meters, working face height of the line is 750mm±20mm;
  3. The plugin alloy orbit made of special aluminum profile, medium bilateral plugin guide rail structure, two sides of plugin operating station, plugin flow operation by opening mode;
  4. Baseboard station made of plastic fire prevention board (δ = 18 mm), covered edge fully complying with the plugin flow process requirement;
  5. Frame made of A30 × 40 mm state standard square tube;
  6. Adjusting width by hand screw, high precision, adjusting width range about 50-300 mm (guide rail unilateral adjusting wide), in order to adapt to the different specifications of PCB and connection and wave soldering device connection;
  7. Equipped with automatic transfer device, stepless speed regulation, transmission chain is anti-static special chain;
  8. Top of flow line equipped with fluorescent lamp light source and lamp chimney;
  9. Each station configured: a piece of A4 transparent process board, 3 component boxes, a set of advertising rotating lamp, complete steel round stool (optional);
  10. Appearance treatment: sheet metal parts, rack with electrostatic powder coating processing;


Bilateral automatic plugin line
Product Code: Bilateral automatic plugin line

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